Phones and everything technology.

Enzo loves technology.  Remote controls, cell phones, cordless phones, computers.  In order to save many household goods, we have given Enzo many of his own toys: remote controls (batteries removed), old cell phones, computer keyboards, unused telephones.  No dice.  Enzo likes technology that WORKS.  Enzo wants lights, Enzo wants noises, and Enzo DOESN´T want any of that “kids stuff” with characters and colors.  Please!

Needless to say, we have had many tug-of-war episodes with various items.  Namely the Vonage phone.  Enzo loves to hear Grammy and Pop through the speaker on the phone, and any other voice for that matter, but he wants to HOLD IT.  And push buttons.  And slam it on the ground.  Sometimes the whining and tantrums are just too much and we give in.

It goes in the mouth…

Ask my Mom and Dad how many times they have been hung up on…

Enzo chooses his numbers carefully…

And he´s a big tease because he does NOT like to give up the phone after he´s gotten ahold of it…

Let´s just hope we have no calls to Hong Kong on our future phone bills.


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Picture this.

If I haven´t mentioned it yet, Tabo is away for a little over two weeks on Project.  That means Enzo and I get to hang out together… an awful lot.  To be quite honest, there are moments when we are seriously sick of each other.  But I love, love, love this always-into-things-he-shouldn´t-be-into, always moving, always drooling, always playing with the phone (this gets a post of it´s own very soon) little squirt.  Enjoy the visuals…

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Learning to walk… being a squirmy person… hard floors… ALL have their consequences.  Here are some of Enzo’s latest accessories.

Bump on the lip. Opponent: Table leg

What's left of the other days fall that sent us off to the hospital (the goose egg has gone WAY down)

Finger caught in the door... so hard that the nail fell off. Yes.

Puffy, purple eye. Opponent: Desk (Although the picture didn't really capture anything.)

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This child loves books.  We used to sit him in front of the bookshelf in his little chair and he would be calm for 30-45 minutes just staring at all those books.

He continues with his passion.  This is how I found him today…

Nestled in the corner of the couch, on the floor, surrounded by BOOKS... and a soccer ball.

Reaching in for another.

And it's a good one.

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No, not like “g’day…”  Mate.  As in the herbal national drink of the Tina!  Enzo “tried” it.  Well, he had been eyeing it as we were drinking, so I let him put his mouth up to it after I finished (it’s a hot drink).  And he LOVES to pretend he’s drinking mate.  He slurped up using the straw and everything.  Hilarious.  And very cute…

Tabo's dad, Enzo's "Abuelo Raul"

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One little monkey… not jumping on a bed… but he did bump his head.

So much for a day of rest today.  Everything started when I thought my day was winding down.  Tabo is out of town on Project in the North, but Tabo’s parents were here overnight last night.  We ate lunch together and I took them to the bus station.  After Enzo woke up from a short afternoon nap, we attempted to Skype with my Mom and Dad.  And then *BAM*… Enzo fell down and he fell HARD.

I only kind of saw it happen, but he lost his balance while standing, fell backwards and smacked the back of his head hard on our very hard floors.  So far, Enzo has had his fair share of falls and I have listened to a fair share of “fall down cries”.  This cry was one of those “twisted up, red faced, silent for over 12 seconds at first”  cries.  I think that’s what they call it in “What To Expect…”  The worst was the bump.  His little head had a good size bump immediately and that’s what scared me.

So we stopped the Skype call (although I later learned that I never turned off the video), I managed to change a diaper, pack some juice and yogurt, grab a diaper bag, get us bundled up (it’s Winter here, remember… and raining today), and get us out the door.  I fumbled with the garage door key a little, but talked myself to a calm in order to drive to the hospital that THANKFULLY I’d already been to for Enzo’s 1 year appointment.

Get to the hospital, get checked in and we WAIT.  We waited for over an hour for the on-call doctor to get to her room.  She saw us and sent us off for x-rays.  And we WAITED.  Another hour for the technicians to get back from MONGOLIA I guess, because it took them FOR.EVER.   We finally got some x-rays done to take back to latey-pants doctor #1.  She wasn’t completely satisfied with clearing him so she sent us to get another x-ray.  Thankfully there was no wait this time, but Enzo did manage to soak through his pants (even though I had changed his diaper already).  No extra pants got put in the diaper bag… Enzo just deals with it.

The good news is the doctor was fine with the second round of x-rays and felt good sending us home, no worries.  Considering he had calmed down pretty quickly, no vomiting or wierd behavior, I was pretty certain this would be the outcome… at least praying and begging that it would be… but I am so glad to have waited out the nearly 4 hour ugly hospital visit (we still haven’t found “the one” in our new city), to know that little E is ok.

Poor guy.  I’m sure it’s not how he would have chosen to spend half of his day either.

I’ll tell you what though.  My arms are tired.  Try carrying a 21 pound wiggly sack around for 4 hours.  It’s SUPER fun.

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1 Year Post… 5 days late.

This week we have been celebrating Enzo´s 1st (which was July 8th).  His actual birthday was super low-key, but nice.  On the 9th we had a gathering with friends, more our party than his, but it was a good time had by all.  Yesterday he had his 1 Year Check-up at the doctor´s office.  It´s been a great week!

Here are some pictures to help you visualize…

July 8, 2009... Enzo weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz. and he was 20 inches long

At his birthday party.

At 1 year Enzo is just under 21 lbs, and almost 30 inches tall.  He´s 50th percentile for height, weight AND head circumference.  Enzo has 4 teeth, he´s not yet walking but he´s real steady on his feet and he´s ALMOST there.  Of course, I feel like I´ve been saying that for a while.  He is babbling a lot these days.  It seems as though he´s saying “hello”, “hi”,  “hola” or “hey” an awful lot… but we cannot confirm that.  Also recently he´s started to echo our constant “Nononononono”´s.  But sometimes it comes out “Nighnighnighnighnigh”.  So.  You decide.  For the first time the other day I heard him utter this sound, “muh muh muh”.  The closest he has ever come to saying Mom.  The poor child was crying in his crib as he was not cooperating with “nap time”.  (And I did smile).  He´s ALWAYS saying “Dadadadada” but not specifically at Tabo.  And at any rate he would most likely call him “Papa”.  But within the past couple days he is truly babbling… putting all SORTs of sounds together and it sounds super funny.

Here is more of Enzo at his party…

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